android-n desktop os

android desktop os

Android N is being developed as a desktop replacement for Windows. Here are 5 things to expect from Android N, which will be available later 2016:

  1. Apps run in resizable windows. you can run apps in full-screen mode, a half-sized window, or an even smaller window. This lets you do things like surf the web while a video is playing in one window and a chat application runs in a third.
  2. Support for multi-screen viewing. hook up an external display and you can view a presentation or movie on the big screen while reading your email on the tablet itself.
  3. Support for keyboard shortcuts
  4. Support for Two Modes, tablet mode and Desktop mode. Connect a keyboard, and you’ll enter desktop mode. Pull off the keyboard, and you are back in tablet mode. The desktop mode contains features like app launcher and taskbar.
  5. Support for printers, scanners, sound cards, dedicated graphics chips and multiple monitor setups

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