The latest business surveys show that Britain is ripe with job opportunities. Britain is in desperate need of engineers, healthcare professionals, accountants and plumbers as it faces its biggest skills shortage for 30 years. British employers have more than 740,000 unfilled positions because of a lack of qualified skilled workers. The skills British adults have are well below the levels of international competitors.

Why it is best to be a migrant in Britain?
The United Kingdom’s economy is the sixth largest in the world. Britain ranks high for employment and business creation. The British employers value international migrants over local candidates. So immigrants are more likely to have jobs in Britain than British natives. Immigrants are also more likely to find work in the public sector (around 37 per cent of migrants work for the government in Britain!). Its rich culture and solid health care system makes it one of the most attractive countries in the world for migrants.

Jobs Opportunities
Listed here are some of the industries where there are Jobs Opportunities in Britain:

  • Human Resources/ Recruiting/ Admin
  • Banking/ Money
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing, DM, Public Relations
  • Design/ Engineering
  • Art/ Design
  • Business Advancement
  • Consulting
  • Education & Mentor
  • Amusement Executive
  • Hospitality/ Dining establishments
  • Marketing/ Communications
  • Pharmaceutical/ Biotechnology
  • Production/ Manufacturing/ R&D

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