What Is Laravel 4?

If you’re a Php developer with the urge to learn a new framework, and you are planning to build a super large web application that scales in all directions, then Laravel might be a great web framework for you. Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks that help you create high performing and testable applications. It is a free and flexible MVC( Model View Control) Framework for PHP developers.

Course Description

This course will teach you the essentials of Laravel in order to provide you with a solid understanding of its most important components. A basic knowledge of PHP programming is required for this course.


  1. Introduction
  2. Installing Laravel
  3. Laravel 4 MVC
  4. Laravel 4 routing
  5. Installing Composer and command line tool
  6. Blade essentials
  7. Resource controllers
  8. Laravel 4 Route groups and Filters
  9. Working with database
  10. Eloquent CRUD
  11. Laravel 4 query builder
  12. Eloquent relations
  13. Laravel 4 Migrations
  14. Laravel 4 Database seeding
  15. Forms and validations
  16. Setting up laravel form
  17. Validating a form
  18. Creating Admin Post Resource
  19. Creating a front end
  20. Setting up the blog
  21. Securing the admin panel
  22. Handling Routing
  23. Establishing an HTML view
  24. Creating tables with schema Builder
  25. Enabling version control with migrations
  26. Querying with eloquent ORM
  27. Displaying Laravel code
  28. Working with Blade templating
  29. Defining conditions
  30. Integrating form elements
  31. Setting up authentication
  32. Creating a registration form
  33. Securing content
  34. Testing Laravel code
  35. Setting up PHPUnit
  36. Running a intial test
  37. Handling framework assertions
  38. Building a Laravel application
  39. Authenticating users in laravel application
  40. Deploying Laravel code in application

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