AWS Amplify, a new JavaScript library

Amazon launches launches AWS Amplify, a new JavaScript library

Amazon launches launches AWS Amplify, a new JavaScript library

Amazon today announced the launch of AWS Amplify, a new JavaScript framework that lets developers build cloud connected applications with JavaScript on web or mobile platforms. AWS Amplify is an Open Source library under Apache 2.0. AWS Amplify is designed to give a declarative interface to client developers looking to perform common actions using cloud services in a scalable manner. A declarative style, unlike imperative style, allows us to control flow and state in our application by saying “It should look like this” other than “This is what you should do” . Anybody with experience in building React apps should be able to learn AWS Amplify pretty easily. The benefit of declarative is that you don’t get bogged down in the implementation details of representing state.

Not just another Javascript library

Despite criticism, Javascript is one of the most popular programming languages for building software. AWS Amplify is the next generation client-side JavaScript framework created by Amazon. Creating and developing rich user experiences is one of the top priorities of organizations in 2017. Modern front-end frameworks use the MVVM architecture.  AWS Amplify is only the V (view) part of the MVVM. AWS Amplify applications are designed to be:

  • Maintainable
  • Testable
  • Extensible

The AWS Amplify library modules are broken down into categories (Auth, Analytics, Storage, APIs, Caching) to quickly add features such as User SignUp/SignIn, MFA, tracking or metric analytics, content management or Serverless API integration. The library also has internationalization and localization for multi-language support, as well as caching capabilities. Finally, there are components and extensions for React and React Native, allowing developers writing applications on those platforms to add these capabilities with framework specific standards. JavaScript developers can also use the library to build their own custom UI components, such as custom authentication flows. My first impressions are really good.

AWS Mobile CLI

Modern JavaScript frameworks come with dedicated CLI. The official Command Line Interface (CLI) for building AWS Amplify projects is “AWS Mobile CLI”.

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