Today, The Internet is an essential tool for daily activities, including participation in democracy. so, It is very important that Internet services are accessible and affordable.

Kerala is a small maritime state of Indian peninsula with 14 revenue districts. It is a highly consumer state with the highest density of population compared to the other states of India. In the past few years, Kerala has witnessed amazing growth and development in its economy. Kerala’s economy is primarily based on agriculture, tourism, industries and foreign remittances. In 2016, Kerala became the first digital state of India. Kerala has a high potential for e-commerce market. Government of
Kerala has established Technopark, an autonomous and India’s largest IT park, which is a hub for about 400 operational companies and employs more than 56000 IT professionals.In addition to Akshaya and IT@School, Digital
infrastructure availability and State Data Centre & Allied applications contributed to Keralas digital growth.
Internet accessibility and infrastructure
Kerala has recorded very high internet penetration, with broadband access across 20% of the household. Kerala also has the highest mobile penetration with 32 million connections, with an increase usage of smart phones and this account for 15% of the internet penetration. This turns Kerala into a sophisticated digital market.
The choice of devices used by the average Malayali consumer in order to go online is also noteworthy. Almost everybody has at least one phone. With over 40% of the population being in the possession of a smartphone Kerala has the 8th largest smartphone penetration in India. Nonetheless, Keralites are not limited to their phones as there is a high penetration of tablets and personal computers as well.

Digital Marketing
Kerala digital marketing has its own unique characteristics which is due to the culture and mentality which is present in Kerala. Traditionally, Keralites have a passion for newspaper and its ads, but the situation is clearly laid out. While the total media ad spending in Kerala has been steadily increasing every year, the expenses for traditional  advertisements will be soon overtaken by digital ones.

E-commerce in Kerala
With a boom in the IT sector, Kerala has grown into one of the popular destinations for e-commerce and e-business solutions. Kerala has been ranked the ninth largest e-commerce State in India, according to the eBay India Census 2012. Kerala has been focusing on e-commerce by conducting seminars with a focus
to create awareness of the opportunities on the e-commerce platform for retailers, brands and exporters based in Kerala. [37] The worth of consumer products is evaluated by the consumers of Kerala and enterprising industrialists attach great importance to the success of their products in the Kerala market.
Today’s Kerala economy is surging ahead in leaps and bounds. Many international companies are investing in so many projects in Kerala. Many small and medium scale industries (SME) and large scale industries those producing electronic items and textile are established in Kerala. Pollution-free, techno- savvy industries like IT, and electronics and communication are accorded impetus in Kerala.The policies and tax laws are being addressed to encourage small and medium enterprises, traders/merchants to adapt to the online marketplace and to use the opportunities to expand the business globally.

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