JavaScript was created in about 10 days by Brendan Eich in May 1995 at Netscape Communications, in order to add interactivity to web pages. JavaScript add basic interactivity to HTML elements, like, show popup, validate user input, change colors and other simple manipulations. JavaScript was designed as simple to understand language. You don’t need to learn a lot to dive in. Various attempts were made to by Netscape bring JavaScript to the server side but failed to gain traction. The main bottleneck was JavaScript engines until the middle of 2000s were quite slow. Google’s V8 engine first put a high standard in performance, that later followed other vendors. This helped JavaScript moving from Client side to server side. You can now write one JavaScript file for validation, check it on the client side, then check it again on the server side because we shouldn’t trust anything on the client side. So, no doubt, server-side Javascript is guarenteed to take off. Its only a matter of time.

Server side JavaScript frameworks

  1. Node.Js -Most famous server side JavaScript framework.Node.Js Syllabus
  2. MongoDb – Leading open-source NoSQL database.Mongodb Certification
  3. Wankanda – Server side JavaScript API
  4. spludo -High performance serer side open source MVC framework.
  5. Ejscript -Another server side JavaScript web framework.

Popular Client Side JavaScript frameworks:

YUI Library (open source)

YUI is a best JavaScript framework used to build rich web applications for browsers, mobile devices and servers.YUI is built by frontend engineers in Yahoo! .

jQuery (MIT License)

jQuery is a fully featured JavaScript library. Its used to increase website interactivity and functions. There are lot of plugins available for jQuery. So you can build interactive forms, buttons, menus, animations, widgets, slideshows and gallery’s with jQuery.

MooTools  (Opensource MIT license)

MooTools is a object oriented JavaScript frameworks designed for advanced web developer. You can build drag & drop applications, Animation transitions, forms using MooTools.

Backbone.js (Opensource)

Backbone provide structure for web applications. Its a MVC framework.
Angular JS (MIT License)

Angular JS is a best one to write client side web applications for smart browsers. You can make client side form validation, navigation, using Angular JS.
Read Angular JS Syllabus.

Ember (opensource)

Ember.js is one of the best JavaScript framework to build ambitious web applications. It provide auto updating template feature. So you make effective web applications with Ember.


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